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They served their Country selflessly during World War II and the Vietnam Conflict!  The purpose of this site is to remember them and their accomplishments, which allow ALL of us to continue to be free!!!!!!!!!!

(Eleanor) Marie Howard, passed into Eternity, with these veterans, on June 24, 2018!  She was owner of this site and John Harrison (former Veteran, also, and site designer) has taken over the responsibility to keep Marie's and these Veterans' Legacy alive. To contact John go Here.

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Sgt. Patrick Mullins

Staff Sgt. Herbert Mullins


Spec. 4 Walter Howard

This site is dedicated to God first and then the Veterans mentioned.  It is maintained by Veterans and their families with no sponsorship from any organization.  If God leads you to assist in this work you may donate securely by clicking on the following PayPal button!

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