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Ode to the Keeper of the Bees

Around 0730 this Morning of the Sabbath, A dear Friend and fellow Veteran who had served our Country in the Vietnam War crossed over from this World into the presence of our Beloved Lord, after a long and arduous battle with cancer.

One of Walter's hobbies was beekeeping, and he produced some of the finest all natural unrefined organic honey I have ever tasted.

This Morning after I had received the call from his recently bereaved Widow, I noticed the jar beside the toaster oven that they had given me a few years ago, and was empty save about a tablespoon of crystallized honey in the bottom... about enough for one last cup of tea.

A pot of water was boiled, and some of it poured into the jar to dissolve the residual honey, and then into my cup with a bag of herbal tea.

Walking out to the porch from whence I had sounded the shophar just last evening, which was the traditional beginning of the ancient Sabbath, I raised my cup in a toast to the Keeper of the Bees. Perhaps he will have a few hives to tend in the Great Shamiyim (Heaven). Until we meet again, old Comrade... Shabbat Shalom.

Subject: Ode to the Keeper of the Bees
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2017 11:33:38 -0400
From: Jaque Clarke

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