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Walter Howard

(Eleanor) Marie Howard, joined her husband, Walter, in Eternity, on June 24th, 2018.  She was greeted by Jesus, Walter, her father Patrick and uncle Herbert Mullins, plus, passed loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

SGT. Walter Howard, stepped into Eternity, on August 5th, 2017.  He was greeted by Jesus, Veterans, Patrick and Herbert Mullins (honored elsewhere on this web site), other passed loved ones, friends and acquaintances.  Scroll down this page, to see much more detail of Walter's service to his Country and the many contributions he made to society, no matter where he lived, beginning at an early age!  His Community, his State and his Country are all better off because of Walter!  He will be sorely missed!

He was buried, with Full Military Honors, on Wednesday, August 9th at 1:00 PM EST. The Ceremony took place at Mt. Vernon Veteran's Memorial Cemetery, in Section J, on 163 Mt. Vernon Rd., Augusta, Maine.

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SGT. Walter Howard (1944-2017) was born in Turner, Maine.  His family is connected to the Howard family of Leeds, Maine.  The following is his Family Tree:

John Howard/Sons of the Revolution & Sons of Liberty

Jesse Howard/Sons of the Revolution & Sons of Liberty

Seth Howard/Sons of the Revolution & Sons of Liberty

Oliver Otis Howard - Grandson of Seth

Stillman Howard

Daniel Howard

Elias Howard

Bradford Howard

Joseph Howard

Alton Howard

Ralph Howard

Walter Howard

Walter was born into a family of 10 children, approximately in the middle.  Consequently, life was always busy!  He had his first job at age 15 and his work experience varied as he grew older.  He left Maine as a teenager and went to live with his sister, in New Milford, Ct.  He was a tractor/forklift driver for Kimberly Clark Paper Company, delivering supplies throughout the factory.  This is when he received his draft notice!  He lived in Ct. until he was drafted into the U.S. Army in June 1967 at Hartford. 
 After risking his life for his Country in Vietnam, he chose to return to Maine, however, where it was quieter!

He did his "Basic Training" at Fort Dix, New Jersey.  After successful completion he was transferred on November 24, 1967.  He landed in Frankfort, Germany and was transferred to the Army Base at Ludwig Berg, Germany.  He was stationed there with the Signal Corps.


In May of the following year (1968), he came home on “Leave”, having been notified that he would be transferred to Vietnam.  He then flew out of New York to
Fort Lewis, Washington, then to Alaska and finally to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. 

He was then moved to the 4th Division Base at Pleiku.   His next base would be Ban Me Thuot, until September.

 He was then transferred to Kontum near the Laos  and Cambodian border in Support Communications.


Walter left Vietnam and the Army in June of 1967, being Honorably Discharged at Fort Lewis, Washington!  He then returned to Civilian life, arriving in New England in June 1969.

Walter was exposed to Agent Orange,  as were many Vietnam Vets, and consequently was awarded the Silver Rose in 2008!

Helicopter Spraying Agent Orange In Vietnam


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